4th August, 2014

Worker compensation changing in Western Australia

Workers compensation is undergoing a review in Western Australia, with potential implications for any businesses operating in the state.

The state government is currently considering changes to its worker compensation laws, which have been in place since the 1980s. Since then, the legislation has seen considerable alteration as different additions have been made and clauses altered.

In 2011 the first stage of this review was completed, with a number of different amendments appearing in response to these findings.

This second stage, which is currently underway, aims to identify any procedural issues which might have arisen. This latest process will also making sure that the legislation is easy to read and accessible for those who might be affected by these changes.

For business owners, there will be a number of potential changes which might affect their work. One of the areas which the review is seeking to clarify is the definition of a ‘worker’. While this might sound like a small change, it can have big implications, especially if you are treating employees as contractors by mistake.

Other changes include clarifying the claims process and establishing a minor claims pathway so that small worker compensation issues can be processed quickly.

Finally, legislative changes are also expected to be made to the return-to-work objectives for those who are resuming employment after time away.

With all of these changes being made, it is more important than ever that businesses investigate workers compensation in Perth. This can give your company the necessary financial protection from any future compensation claims, while also taking into account any further legislative changes.

The final date for submissions on the last version of this review is set to close on July 31 2014, giving interested parties only a short window to contribute.

Author: Murray Bruce