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Exercising duty of care is vital, but mishaps are bound to occur.

Electricians aren’t the only ones being continuously exposed to harm in this profession. Apprentices, contractors, clients on site—these personnel all face high risk from electrical faults. Taking steps to keep them safe is a start, but it’s impossible to prevent every accident from occurring.

Materials like copper wire and sets of tools appealing to criminals or vandals must also be considered. Even the most vigilant approach is not immune to these risks, with big repercussions for those who are caught out.

The last thing a busy sparkie needs is to discover a glitch in their insurance cover—when it’s too late. Time and energy spent finding and waiting for replacement tools and materials could mean the end of business.

Mix precaution and education with a rock-solid policy

Taking time to protect your equipment and training your team in safety protocols is essential and effective. But, the only way to truly safeguard employees, tools and business is with a detailed electricians insurance strategy and watertight policy.

Quality insurance will give you the maximum protection needed to be confidently focused on work while incorporating the minimisation of any disruptions as a result of an incident. Policies vary depending on the risks you face, the value of your equipment and the amount of cover you want to take out.

Your policy should also offer cover for issues which could arise in the future as a result of your work. For example, an unnoticed mistake on site may wreak havoc once the client begins using a device, causing considerable damage.

Additionally, liability cover as part of your electrician’s insurance policy will ease the blow of expensive electrical goods replacements.

We’re as precise with our process as we are with your cover

We’re fast and efficient, but you’ll never feel rushed. Combining 300 years’ experience in the field, we’ve built a strong platform of trust and professionalism that allows us to commit wholeheartedly to the promises we make, working together to find the best solutions for your needs.

We know that no single tradie is the same, so we tailor our service accordingly rather than expecting you to fit into our mould.

We don’t just run an insurance business. We’re wholly invested in protecting your livelihood.

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