If there are shortfalls in your current medical practice insurance cover, we’ll find them.

And we’ll fix them, so you can run your practice with a clear conscience.

It might seem like you’re avoiding the time-consuming hassle of finding a new insurance provider if you do, but we will do better.

Better cover, at the best price—delivered with outstanding customer service. We invest time and care to understand the specifics of your daily operations just like we have for over 1,500 medical and health professionals across Australia.

Professional Essentials tailor watertight policies which cover:

  1. Practice buildings, equipment and contents
  2. Cyber crime
  3. Practice interruption
  4. Burglary and theft
  5. Public liability
  6. Plate glass
  7. Machinery and electronic equipment breakdown
  8. Loss of money
  9. Employee dishonesty
  10. Tax audit cover

We are committed to delivering comprehensive package policies that considers and covers all aspects of your practice operations.

We work closely with you to gain a full understanding of you and your practice’s needs and from there we create a steadfast insurance policy.

…excellent broker insurance services that are competitively priced, well covered and responsive to my day-to-day risks in medical practice. I strongly recommend them.

Anthony Lolatgis | Complete Healthcare

Robust medical professional insurance cover and a streamlined process that’s been proven time and time again.

Supplying over 1,500 medical practices with tightly secured insurance plans has afforded us great respect as trusted brokers and advisers. Our unique, 6-step process takes the sting out of insuring your practice because it’s easy and fast—and we don’t cut any corners.

If you’re ready for a review of your existing policy complete with a written report and recommendations, we offer this service free and accompanied by a free quote.

We don’t just run an insurance business. We’re wholly invested in protecting your livelihood.