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//Leading Business Insurance Brokers in Perth
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Business Insurance

Bruce Insurance have been providing customised business insurance to Perth businesses for over 30 years. With reliable insurance policies and a reputation for excellence, we have become one of the most trusted business insurance brokers in Perth.

Every business faces risks, with no company too big or too small to avoid these challenges.

Whether it is the hazards that come from professional liability, or the risks faced by members of the public while on your premises, businesses are confronted with a range of challenges every single day.

Successful companies are those which understand the limits of their own expertise and then take steps to address these limitations. Business insurance is one such area, with firms often needing to engage the help of business insurance specialists in order to secure the most suitable policy for their needs.

Without securing a comprehensive level of insurance cover, any business could easily be left with huge costs in the event of an incident. With the Insurance Council of Australia finding that many Australian companies are either uninsured or underinsured, these challenges pose a permanent risk to a firm’s success.

Business insurance is a difficult field to navigate

While there are clear benefits to taking out a business insurance policy to cover your business, there are also risks which need to be taken into account.

There are a range of different policies which might be relevant for your business – the number of potential insurance policies can easily run into the 100s. Each of these small business insurance policies can include 10 to 20 different sections, with a range of exclusions for each.

Simply negotiating and understanding the wide range of policies on offer is a challenge in itself for many small businesses.

What’s more, every business’ needs can vary considerably, with different industries demanding an individualised set of specifications. A cafe, for example, will have a unique set of requirements from their business insurance, compared to a manufacturing company.

For many business insurance providers, this can be a major hassle as they would prefer a one-size-fits-all approach for every business they insure. While this might suit the insurers, it is not in the best interests of most SME businesses’.

This is when a dedicated insurance broker can help you get the most out of your policy and ensure that you have the right levels of cover for your business.

How can Bruce Insurance help?

No matter which industry you work in or how many employees you have, it is essential that you secure the right level of cover. Often the only way to ensure you get this right is to talk to an insurance broker, like Bruce Insurance.

The advantage of an insurance broker is that they can take the range of policies available to you and get the right mix to suit your needs. Rather than having to wade through the details of 100s of different policies, a broker like Bruce Insurance can quickly advise you on your best options.

Bruce Insurance’s point of difference is the wide range of potential insurers that we can connect you with. Our network of over 50 providers can cover every aspect of your small business insurance, with both local insurers and international companies like Lloyds of London.

This wealth of policy providers, coupled with years of helping businesses get the right cover for their needs, is what sets Bruce insurance apart from other brokers.

If you’re looking for business insurance services in WA, contact the friendly team at Bruce Insurance today. To see how we can tailor a small business insurance policy to suit your needs, fill out a request for a quote, and one of our helpful consultants will get in touch with you shortly.