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Designing your business insurance…

As a business owner you have an extremely difficult job; you are obviously an expert in your chosen field but you are also expected to understand countless pieces of legislation, be expert at managing staff and at the same time make a profit so everyone gets paid, including yourself. As specialist business insurance brokers in Perth, we understand this complex business environment and add value by making sure your business is protected from its main threats and allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Designing a business insurance policy is complicated and far harder than simply ringing an insurance company and asking for a quote. An insurance company will be more than happy to provide a quote, but is it the right insurance for you? The result if you get it wrong can be devastating. At the same time, it is possible to be insured for just about any eventuality, but how much will it all cost?  A good insurance broker will help you find the right balance between protection and cost.

Bruce Insurance have been providing customised business insurance to Perth businesses for over 30 years. With reliable insurance policies and a reputation for excellence, we have become one of the most trusted business insurance providers in WA.

Bruce Insurance will get to know you and your business’ unique requirements, before designing a policy to suit. We have access to a panel of over 150 national and international insurers, enabling us to find an insurer that best fits each business’ unique needs. Once we have established the appropriate solution for your business, it will be tendered out to our panel of insurers to obtain the most competitive pricing.

This wealth of policy providers – coupled with our extensive industry knowledge and unmatched commitment to customer service – is what sets Bruce Insurance apart from other business insurance specialists.

Insurance is only as good as the claim service provided when you need to make a claim. Your insurance broker is your advocate when you need to claim and will go into battle for you. As an experienced business insurance professional, they will guide you through the process, ensuring that your claim is dealt with efficiently and that you maximize your entitlements under the policy.

It is really important that business insurance is not set up and forgotten about. Businesses are dynamic and constantly changing, particularly in the current environment where the whole world seems to be changing rapidly. A good insurance broker is a necessity for any successful business as they will ensure your policy is continuously updated and improved as your business evolves.

When things go wrong, insurance is really tested. Bruce Insurance provide you with peace of mind that your insurance has been properly put together, to withstand your biggest threats.

How Can Bruce Insurance Help?

  • Custom policies
  • The best cover – at the best price
  • Access to 150 insurers
  • Over 30 years’ experience

If you’re seeking a dependable business insurance service, contact the friendly team at Bruce Insurance today for a free consultation.