Trauma Insurance. Done Right.

Critical illness can strike anyone at any time. Trauma insurance protects you through recovery.


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Added financial stress is the last thing you need after a traumatic illness or injury.

A major medical condition or injury can strike anyone at any time. Trauma insurance protects you if you have been impacted by a major medical condition or injury by paying you a lump sum to help support you financially through your recovery.

Having adequate trauma insurance in place will ensure that you and your family have the time it takes to rehabilitate and recover, without the burden of financial stress.

Common examples of trauma events are:

  1. Heart attack
  2. Cancer
  3. Loss of speech
  4. Loss of limbs or sight
  5. Dementia
  6. Deafness
  7. Para/quadriplegia
  8. Head trauma
  9. Kidney failure


Everyone’s situation is different, but the relief of recovery without financial stress is common to all.

Finding the most suitable insurance policy for your needs does require considerable time investment, persistence and willingness to pore through hundreds of pages of product disclosure documentation.

With us, no policy or plan is too complex.

We work with a number of clients whose insurance needs are so specialised (and sometimes quite out of the ordinary) that only a bespoke insurance policy will provide them with the most accurate cover at the best price.

You’ll work with your own personal broker who has the expertise to provide valuable insights and advice on the best policies for your situation as an individual.


Getting the right advice on trauma insurance needn’t be complicated. Go for ease with Bruce Insurance.