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Mistakes happen. Protection for your practice will give you confidence that you are covered for every likely outcome.

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Your risk exposures as a practice owner are not necessarily in your control. There are many ways your staff, your processes and your practice systems can create or contribute to poor patient outcomes.

Practice indemnity is designed to safeguard you for claims made against the practice (rather than you individually) because of an error, omission or negligent act by members of your practice.

This can include, but not be limited to:

  • Admin errors by employees, nurses and practice staff
  • Practice procedural failure, such as triaging, scheduling and recalling patients
  • Breaches of privacy in handling patient’s personal information
  • Complaints, inquiries, and investigations

With thousands of happy clients in tow, we’re confident in our solid reputation as a trusted provider of practice indemnity and medical insurance services. We consistently deliver beyond expectations on both product and service offerings.

With Professional Essentials Insurance you’ll only deal with a single point of contact. We make it a top priority that you’re comfortable with us, and that you know we commit wholeheartedly to every promise we make.

This is what enables us to create strong and rewarding relationships built around trust and mutual understanding of your specific insurance needs.


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