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Taking a ‘roulette’ approach to medical malpractice insurance only ends in regret.

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Finding flaws in your insurance policy after an adverse incident occurs causes immeasurable damage to your reputation.

Adverse incidents take a great deal of time, effort and stressful interruption to the flow of your important daily practise to address.

It’s therefore vital that all health professionals seek an impeccable medical indemnity insurance policy. You need to be firmly confident in your policy in order to perform your daily conduct—without doubt circling your sphere of concentration.

Personable, professional handling of my request for a good GP medical defence insurance company… you’ve certainly excelled yourselves. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance.

Richard Taumoepeau

Omission of the finest detail in your cover could mean the life or death of someone under your care.

The risks you face every day need to be thoroughly understood by any medical malpractice insurance provider or broker.

The Professional Essentials team have successfully designed, implemented and managed medical indemnity and malpractice insurance policies for over 1,500 medical professionals across Australia.

Our team brings together over 300 years of combined knowledge and expertise in all matters insurance, with over 15 years’ experience in servicing health and medical professionals.

Comprehensive, competitive medical malpractice insurance strategies that work.
We tailor policies for a broad range of insurance needs in the health and social care sectors—covering everything from base-level cover for a junior practitioner, to a complex surgeon malpractice insurance policy.

Your Professional Essentials account manager negotiates policy terms and premiums, helps manage the claims process, and legally acts on your behalf.

Lean on our confidence in the efficacy of our products and client service processes.
You’ll get the Professional Essentials difference straight away.

We understand the environment in which doctors work and the ‘cost versus benefits’ scope of the various medical indemnity insurance and doctor’s malpractice insurance policies available.

Our ability to arrange insurance through a range of insurers means that we will source and tailor medical indemnity and malpractice cover that fit your particular needs.

If you have more than one healthcare specialisation or employ others in your practice, you’ll need to understand the insurance variables required in order to secure the right cover for anyone applicable.


For rock-solid medical indemnity insurance, only a specialist insurance broker will do. Go for failproof with Professional Essentials.

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