Professional Indemnity Insurance. Done Right.

When it comes to professional indemnity insurance, Bruce Insurance takes care to identify and minimise every risk.

We recognise this requires trust on your part, so we strive to gain that through honesty and transparency.

No matter how diligently you prepare to overcome challenges in business, you’ll always face potential hazards. Some obstacles just can’t be anticipated and vary depending on industry sector.

Negligence, violation of fair trading legislation or providing inaccurate advice are instances which cause major upheaval for any business

Why is professional indemnity insurance important?

Almost every organisation will potentially face reputational pressures arising from claims of professional wrongdoing. What’s more, these risks can increase as your company grows, although smaller businesses can still be targeted.

Safeguarding your business from the potential harm to its long-term success arising from damage claims of a professional (and hard to identify) nature demands vigilance and expertise.


What areas does professional indemnity insurance cover?

Comprehensive professional indemnity insurance is an investment that will cover your company adequately against any claims brought against it. It can also provide cover for your principals, partners and employees in case any legal action is taken against them.

The types of behaviour covered by these policies will also vary depending on your company’s circumstances. Most professional indemnity insurance policies will cover settlements, judgements, investigation costs and defence costs associated with any legal challenge to your professional conduct.

We help you navigate professional indemnity insurance with the right advice.

Professional indemnity insurance is an extremely complicated area to grasp. Regulations depend on the state in which you operate, which is a problem for companies operating across state lines.

Complexities also arise from the sheer variety of work certain firms undertake. Every industry and company face different challenges and situations which need to be taken into account.

Many industries require professional indemnity insurance simply to gain an operating licence. With your business licence dependent on having a relevant policy, getting the right cover becomes very important.

The easiest and quickest way through it is to talk to our experienced staff who will guide you appropriately.

It’s important to us that your experience of Bruce Insurance is outstanding.

Our process is rigorous, proven and fast.

Every business evolves.
Your insurance should evolve with it.