Management Protection Insurance.

Increasing legal threats call for impenetrable management protection insurance.

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In today’s increasingly litigious society, even small mishaps and disputes can lead to considerable lawsuits.

Customers, clients, creditors, competitors, employees—the more there are, the greater the risk. Then there’s the rigmarole of compliance requirements associated with government legislation, and the ongoing threat of a legal claim against you, your practice, directors and managers.

It’s an escalating threat to your reputational esteem that shouldn’t be overlooked. Playing that game of chance only puts you in jeopardy.

Management protection insurance safeguards you against exposure to a number of risks:

Employment Practices
Protection against claims resulting from employment practices including the common claims of harassment and unfair dismissal.

OH&S Investigations and Defence Costs
Protects the business entity and the directors against costs associated with Occupational Health and Safety and investigations relating to workers compensation.

Breaches of Legislation
This is designed to protect against suspected or actual breaches of legislation.

Protection against crime or fraud committed against your business whether from employees, suppliers or other third parties.

Directors and Officers
Protects company directors and managers against claims of wrongful acts.

I highly recommend Bruce Insurance to any person in business today. Some people think they can do insurance without using a broker. I don’t have the time and energy for this. Bruce Insurance makes every process seamlessly simple and my claims are processed quickly with refunds I am very happy with. They are a very honest company that I trust.

Sandra Short

Management insurance protection is a challenge to get right.

It commands a thorough knowledge of complex legal and government processes—and a solid investment in time.

The Professional Essentials team are highly skilled insurance brokers who operate care and due diligence to advise you on the right products for your needs.

In handling medical and practice insurance for the past 15 years, we’ve developed time-proven, robust processes which are documented, operationalised and delivered upon—every time.

With your own personal account manager, you’re kept up to date on everything to do with your insurance strategy, meaning we eliminate hassle and stress on a day-to-day basis.

We do what suits you in a way that befits your goals.

Leave everything to us.

Every business evolves.
Your insurance should evolve with it.