Insurance Brokers Code of Practice

Bruce Insurance subscribe to the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice (the Code) which is published by the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA). We are also a Principal Member of NIBA.

The Code has been developed as part of a national self-regulatory scheme and represents the commitment that we, as Code Subscribers, have to our clients, prospective clients and other parties with whom we interact in performing our services.

The Code sets out principles that shape the way Code Subscribers behave, deal with people, and make decisions. These principles are:

Professional Commitment:

  • to maintain and improve our competency to provide insurance broking services through relevant qualifications, education, and training.
  • to promote and uphold the ethical standards of this profession within and outside our organisation.

Ethical Behaviour:

  • to act honestly and with integrity in all dealings
  • to comply with all relevant laws and obligations, including the Code, and not engage in any conduct with the intent to avoid or limit our obligations under the Code.

Transparency and Accountability:

  • to communicate in a clear and timely manner
  • to hold other Code Subscribers accountable for observing the Code obligations and assist industry regulators to the best of our ability.

The Code sets out high standards of conduct for Code Subscribers, their representatives, and employees, which includes additional safeguards for clients that are not set out in the law – in some cases are higher standards than as required by law.

We are bound by the standards of the Code and encourage you to ask questions about the Code, a copy of which can be obtained here or from our office.

The Code is independently monitored and enforced by a Code Compliance Committee – the Insurance Brokers Code Compliance Committee (IBCCC). If you do not feel our services have met the requirements of the Code, you can report the matter to the Code Compliance Committee here.