Workers Compensation Insurance

Bruce Insurance are the leading workers compensation brokers in Perth and WA. Delivering consistently reliable insurance policies, along with first-class customer care, we have become recognised as one of WA’s most trusted workers compensation insurance providers.

Workers compensation is compulsory for Australian businesses, with even the safest workplaces containing a number of hazards for staff. Getting the right cover to protect against these dangers is therefore crucial for every business.

What are the risks?

Regardless of the industry, your employees will be exposed to a number of potential hazards while undertaking their duties. Injuries caused at work can create a big hassle for any business and leave you with considerable costs to wear.

If you fail to meet your workers compensation obligations as an employer, your business will likely be liable for hefty penalties due to non-compliance. In fact, some companies have been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of not having the required levels of worker insurance.

This type of fine is more common than you might think and can seriously damage the credibility and reputation of your business, as well as your balance sheet.

While incidents like this highlight the potential financial costs incurred due to insufficient insurance cover, it is equally important that getting employees back on the job is treated as a top priority.

Accidents are inevitable in any workplace, but having employees return to work as quickly as possible is something you do have some control over. Workers compensation insurance is often the only way to ensure that any accidents are quickly remedied.

There is also a concern that relations between you and your staff could deteriorate under the pressure of a claims process which is dragging on. Therefore, ensuring that this process runs smoothly is not only about getting one worker back to work in a timely manner; it is also about safeguarding  your relationship with the rest of your workforce and ensuring that this relationship is not put under undue strain.

The complexities of worker protection insurance

While workers compensation is essential for every business, it is also one of the most complicated areas of insurance. In Australia, every state has different workers compensation requirements and laws, meaning that your policy must consider local regulations, as well as national laws

Worker compensation laws are also periodically altered, as new legislation comes into effect to keep your workers safe.

As conditions change constantly, it can be incredibly difficult to stay on top of your obligations as an employer. Not understanding these requirements will also leave you liable to big costs in the event that something does go wrong. It is therefore essential that you engage specialist workers compensation consultants.

Need a workers compensation insurance provider? How we can help

Providing workers compensation to WA businesses for over 30 years, Bruce Insurance can offer you all the tools and advice you need to ensure you get the best workers compensation policy for your business.

Our experienced team of workers compensation specialists will find you a reliable solution which meets the specific needs of your workplace – at the best price.

A well-managed and proactive claims system encourages workers to return promptly to work and reduces overall costs to your business. It is this level of efficiency which you need to consider when it comes to choosing the right insurance solutions.

As one of WA’s most reputable workers compensation insurance companies, with Bruce Insurance you will have access to policies from all of Australia’s largest insurance companies. Striving for excellence in all that we do and with thousands of happy clients under our belt, we are proud to deliver unparalleled workers compensation services.

For enquiries on workers compensation, please fill out a quotation request, and one of our consultants will be in contact with you shortly to help you find the right options for your business.