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Having the right investment property cover frees you up to focus on other important things in life.

But, the process of tightly securing your property investments against risk isn’t always easy.

When you own investment property, there are a ton of things to juggle on top of the responsibilities that ownership brings. Be it a residential or commercial space, you need the right balance of protection in order to minimise the myriad risks you’re susceptible to.

Australia is prone to extreme events, with every disaster clean-up accompanied by horror stories of people who didn’t have adequate insurance in place for their property. Floods, bushfires, landslips and naturally occurring events all pose risks that undo years of hard work in an instant.


Small risks can amount to big costs

Both residential and commercial tenants are prone to accidents, for which you as the owner are financially liable. Even the most careful tenant poses a risk to the integrity of your investment, so making sure your insurance covers against accidental damage is essential.

Even elements such as GST present challenges when it comes to securing the right policy. While some investment property insurance requires you to include GST in the sums you calculate, others will not. 

These small exclusions and considerations can add up quickly, especially when you’ve taken on policies without understanding the fine print.


Delegate the difficult things to those in the know

While investment property insurance may seem simple, it hides a multitude of different considerations. 

It can be a total drain on your time and headspace to manoeuvre—from knowing exactly how much cover you need, to accidental damage, right through to knowing deliberate exclusions such as unavailable cover for natural disasters. 

In providing tailored insurance strategies for property investors for over 30 years, we’ve earned an excellent reputation as a trusted provider of insurance services. 


I’ve been using Bruce Insurance for multiple properties for over 8 years, including while I was based overseas. They have always provided superb service and have also successfully managed to set up policies covering more complex situations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.


Nigel Taylor

Our team has built a strong platform of integrity and professionalism that allows us to deliver on our promise: rock-solid insurance solutions underpinned by customer service excellence. 

You don’t need to do the hard work. With your own personal account manager, you’ll have a point of contact in case any issues arise. 

We’re here to guide you through the complexities of investment property insurance so you make accurate decisions based on clarity and knowledge. 


Every property portfolio evolves.
Your insurance should evolve with it.