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Having a reliable worker’s compensation insurance provider is one of the smartest investments you’ll make.

Workers compensation insurance is a vital aspect of any company from small to large operations. This government legislated insurance program is necessary for workplace injuries or staff that have become sick due to their work.

As a national insurance broker, we can provide advice for each state-based legislation and give country-wide support that you may require when an employee needs to make a workers compensation claim, our team are there to support them.

On any workday, your staff are exposed to a number of risks. Meeting worker’s compensation obligations as an employer is vital and is a compulsory requirement for all Australian businesses in order to provide assistance for injured workers.

If you don’t have workers compensation insurance, you are liable for hefty penalties due to non-compliance and exposure to work-related injury—sometimes costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines/ costs as a result. This scenario is more common than you think. It seriously damages the credibility and reputation of your business, leaving only despair and debt in its trail if your workers sustain an illness or injury at work.

We know this through dealing with hundreds of worker’s compensation claims over the duration of 30 years as brokers, and know that workers compensation insurance will give you peace of mind when a claim is made.

Unforeseen incidents happen in every workplace.

But, having employees return to work as quickly as possible is something you do have control over—and should be prioritised. Claims processes can often drag out, adding undue strain on staff/employer relationships.

A solid worker’s compensation insurance policy has a big role to play in maintaining workplace harmony and preservation of the culture you work hard to build.

Total Workers Compensation Claims Service Offering

As your broker, we work for you. Part of our service offering is working with our clients to maintain a proactive return to work framework. Providing market-leading support, claims review and principles via our workers compensation claims team.

Supporting businesses in the fundamentals to ensure an injured team member can be at the forefront of treating specialists.

Engaging key stakeholders to ensure prompt health support and active communication through the claims process in regards to your organization-specific workers compensation policy.


Worker’s compensation insurance: what you need to consider

As it’s one of the most complex and detailed areas of business insurance, we suggest you research a number of worker’s compensation insurance providers thoroughly.

Some helpful pointers:

  1. Every Australian state has different workers compensation requirements and laws, meaning your policy must consider local and national regulations.
  2. Worker compensation laws are periodically altered as new legislation comes into effect to keep your workers safe.
  3. Conditions change constantly, making it difficult to stay on top of your obligations as an employer. Not understanding the requirements leaves you liable to big costs in the event that something does go wrong. It’s therefore essential to engage specialist workers compensation brokers or consultants that can provide the right advice.
  4. When choosing worker’s compensation insurance solutions, be certain your policy encourages workers to return promptly to work after a claim, reducing overall costs to your business—this is a vital component of a well-managed and proactive claims system when you have an injured worker.


We’re with you for the long haul

As insurance brokers with thousands of happy clients in tow, we’re confident in our solid reputation as a trusted provider of worker’s compensation and business insurance services in Australia. We consistently deliver beyond expectations on both product and service offerings.

Our clients inevitably return because their time is valued, their business is fully understood, they are given the right tools, advice and cover.

With Bruce Insurance you’ll only deal with a single point of contact.

We make it a top priority that you’re comfortable with us as your brokers, and that you know we commit wholeheartedly to every promise we make.

This is what enables us to create strong and rewarding relationships built around trust and mutual understanding of your specific workers compensation insurance needs.






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