22nd April, 2014

What management liability insurance policies are available?

Finding the right business insurance in Perth for your organisation is vital, and management liability cover should always be near the top of the list for consideration.

Today's modern working environment is increasingly litigious. Business owners and senior management are constantly at risk from the financial and reputational damage associated with claims of unlawful conduct.

Should managers find themselves in court, it is not enough to suggest they were unaware of workplace laws or the rights of employees. As such, organisations need to consider appropriate management liability insurance to ensure full protection. Here are a number of the common policies available.

Directors and officers (D&O) cover: This kind of cover protects past, present and future directors of a company – as well as anyone involved in managing – from allegations of wrongdoing.

Superannuation trustees cover: Keeps organisations protected when they have a sponsored staff superannuation fund and there are suggestions of fund mismanagement or a trustee breach of responsibility.

Statutory cover: A policy designed to protect business owners from fines and penalties relating to breaches of the law, which may include environmental, employee or occupational health and safety legislation.

Employment practices cover: Should past, present or future employees claim harassment, unfair dismissal or other employment issues, this type of cover will protect the company, its directors, officers and employees.

Crime cover: Dishonest acts such as theft and fraud by employees can be covered under comprehensive crime insurance.

Entity cover: While D&O insurance may protect directors themselves, it is not always individuals that get sued. Entity cover protects senior management from instances where the company itself is subject to a claim.

These are just some of the available business insurance policies available for management liability. However, for a more comprehensive list of suitable cover options for your company, please contact a specialist insurance broker in Perth such as Bruce Insurance.

Author: Murray Bruce