30th August, 2014

How to keep tools safe overnight

When it comes to keeping your work site safe, there are a number of different things to keep in mind, especially around locking up at night. Unfortunately, many tradies are still stung by not securing a site when you leave for the day, with thousands of dollars in lost tools and equipment often greeting them in the morning.

So how can busy tradespeople be sure that their valuable tools are not going to go missing in the night? To help, here are three tips for protecting your equipment.

Limit the number of people with access to goods

When you have a large number of subcontractors or apprentices on site, there will sometimes be a few unscrupulous minds looking to steal tools and machinery. Investing in safety solutions is a good start, but equally important is storing this equipment in the right location.

After all, a tool chest or other storage solution cannot protect your equipment if everyone on site knows the lock combination. Keeping track of these security measures and restricting access wherever possible is going to ensure that you are not caught out.

Get the right level of insurance cover

Even the most careful approach to onsite safety is going to occasionally throw up issues. In this situation, it is essential to have the right level of machinery and equipment insurance or tools of trade insurance to protect your belongings.

Even once you have insurance in place, it is still important to review your level of cover periodically. This can ensure that any new tools or machinery are protected in the case of theft.

Invest in security features

These days, there are a range of different ways to keep a site secure. For long-term projects, installing security devices like security cameras where tools are stored can be an easy way to deter criminals from lifting valuable equipment.

Author: Murray Bruce