21st February, 2019

Cyber-attack on Melbourne Cardiologist Unit

A cyber-attack on a cardiologist unit of a non-for-profit Melbourne hospital has come to the recent attention of the media.

This particular type of cyber-attack was a ransomware attack, where the attackers hack and scramble or lock files and demand a ransom.

It is believed that 15,000 patient files were locked and a cryptocurrency ransom was made. The hospital has not had access to the patient files for more than 3 weeks.

It is understood that a payment was made, but the attackers only released a portion of the files while the others remained “locked”.

The files contain personal information of the patients that could be used for identity theft.

See the below video for more information as well as information on two other recent Cyber-attacks in Australia.

Practices within Australia can be covered by cyber protection insurance for their practice.



Author: Murray Bruce