22nd August, 2019

A broken collarbone in France

Earlier this year our clients Robert * and Sue* were on a holiday in France. Two weeks into their trip, Robert unfortunately broke his collarbone. This meant Robert needed to seek medical treatment overseas which involved x-rays, weekly consultations and pharmacy costs. Fortunately we had arranged travel insurance for Robert and Sue with TravelCard and they experienced first-hand the exceptional service provided by the innovative TravelCard approach.

The first contact with TravelCard was a phone call by Sue after the accident. This call allowed the lodgement of the claim and the claim process to commence. Sue let us know that making contact with TravelCard was easy, that there were no long wait times and that importantly the staff were empathetic and the process easy.

TravelCard issued the required funds for consultations directly to their TravelCard provided credit card, each time cash was needed. Robert and Sue said that the funds were always in their account almost immediately. TravelCard does say to allow up to a 2 hour wait time, but Robert and Sue found that for them the time was actually quicker. Robert said “using the card made the whole experience less painful…at least financially.”

Robert and Sue said there were a couple of items they paid for out of pocket, but TravelCard reimbursed these costs from photos of receipts the couple were able to send while they were still overseas.

I asked Sue based on their experience “why is TravelCard so much better?” Sue answered with 3 points;

  1. Although they had sufficient funds to cover the medicals costs should they need to, the TravelCard pre-loaded funds meant that these costs in the end did not affect their cash flow.
  2. The TravelCard staff were caring and empathetic. During each contact they asked how they were going and whether or not they needed anything else.
  3. Communication with TravelCard was constant, easy, open and clear.

Robert summed up the claim process as “seamless” and “a great system”.

The ease of the process allowed Robert to focus on recovery, rather than having to worry about paperwork and other issues when returning to Australia (unfortunately Robert required surgery when arriving back home as the collarbone hadn’t healed).
We wish Robert the best in his recovery and we thank Robert and Sue for their time.

We are glad to hear of another positive claims experience with TravelCard. We believed in their innovative claims process right from its launch in Australia. It’s something not yet offered by other insurers in the market, but it just makes sense, and it works.

*our clients wished for us not to use any identifying information so we have changed their names

Author: Murray Bruce