31st January, 2014

Australia hosts top cafes in the world

Cafe owners in Australia run 97 of the top 100 coffee shops and cafes in the world, according to the latest figures from global cafe reviewer Beanhunter.

The controversial list was released by Beanhunter on December 16 and featured 31 cafes from Melbourne, 18 from Sydney, 17 from Brisbane and only 3 coffee spots outside of Australia.

Beanhunter is a global smartphone and connected device app designed to help users find and review great cafes in their area. The app is extremely popular around the world and won the Lifehacker Awards Editor’s Pick for Best Mobile App in 2012.

In the recent top 100 list, Ltd espresso + brew bar in Brisbane took the top spot with Melbourne’s Workshop Brothers Specialist Coffee and the Oak Room landing in second and third place, respectively.

The only three cafes not in Australia – Monmouth Coffee Company, Kaffeine, and Store Street Espresso, were all located in London and only ranked in the 90-100 section.

Beanhunter determined the list rankings using an algorithm that studied user reviews, pageviews, photos and favourites.

While some individuals responding to the list believe a flaw in the algorithm has led to the Australian bias on the list, simple user activity could have influenced the result.

Beanhunter is particularly popular in Australia, with more than 100,000 users “favourite”-ing, sharing and reviewing cafes across the country each month.

It is also likely that Australian users rank cafes less critically than their international counterparts, or perhaps coffee shops in Australia are actually among the greatest in the world.

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Author: Murray Bruce