27th February, 2014

Construction Risk Management Summit

The 2014 Construction Risk Management Summit is not too far away, so now is the best time to secure your place at this important event.

Taking place on April 1-2 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre this year, the Summit is expected to provide almost 200 industry representatives with the chance to discuss, network and collaborate with professionals from the construction insurance and risk sector.

The Construction Risk Management Summit is an opportunity to raise awareness about common risks facing tradesmen and other workers in this field, as well as provide insight into technology and other developments created to manage these issues.

"This Summit fosters a forum to discuss best practice case studies, emerging risks, early detection and project risk analysis," the official site claims.

Every stage of construction can harbour significant risks. The variety of potential problems is so wide, in fact, that even the most comprehensive management plan can fail. The Summit works to ensure everyone working at each step of a construction project can operate on the same page and at the same level of risk management to reduce some of the associated risks.

Topics covered this year will include project risk analysis, team management, 'Lifecycle Risk Management in the Construction Industry Today' and managing time-related risks.

Those who attend the Construction Risk Management Summit this year will be offered the chance to keep up to date with the latest developments in risk management, tradesman insurance coverage and market trends.

Additionally, there will be the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of proven risk management systems, as well as discover the latest technology to help businesses achieve risk-related objectives and goals.

Attending the event will also give individuals and companies the chance to network with industry leaders and relevant risk management staff to obtain advice and guidance and enable future working relationships.

Author: Murray Bruce