6th February, 2014

Tradesmen most vulnerable to UV sun risks

Men working as tradesmen are one of the occupational groups most at risk for UV-influenced skin cancer, according to a recent report from the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

The study, performed in affiliation with the University of Western Australia, found more than one-third or male workers are exposed to solar radiation at work.

This is compared to just 7 per cent of women.

In particular, farmers, tradesmen, construction workers and drivers were the most at risk of damaging sun exposure.

This is attributed to the fact that a majority of the work undertaken by individuals employed in these occupations is completed outdoors.

Fortunately, the report also found up to 95 per cent of the workers studied by the institute used sun protection while performing duties that put them at risk.

However, of these workers, only 8.7 per cent could be classified as fully protected. This suggests more needs to be done to educate tradesmen on sun smart practices at work.

Construction site managers are encouraged to provide adequate protection to all tradesmen working on their project.

This includes appropriate hats, clothing and sunscreen. Additionally, workers should be offered the chance to take breaks in shaded areas when practical.

Employers are also recommended to ensure their workers compensation insurance policy is up to date and fully compliant with state regulations. This cover will protect them against any financial obligation if an employee develops an illness or injury while performing work-related tasks.

It is a legal requirement for all employers to hold workers compensation cover as part of their business and tradies insurance policies.

For more information on your workers compensation requirements, contact the Trades Insurance team today. We can offer advice and guidance to help you choose the most appropriate compensation policy for your business.

Author: Murray Bruce