27th March, 2014

4 tips for keeping tools safe from thieves

While it's a common expression that a bad workman blames his tools, the fact remains that many tradesmen can't do their job at all without the right equipment.

This is why ensuring your tradies insurance includes comprehensive cover for the theft of tools is so crucial. There could be tens of thousands of dollars' worth of equipment on-site, in your truck or at home, which could leave you seriously out of pocket should thieves strike.

However, by following these four tips you can reduce the chances of having to make a claim on your tradesmen insurance for missing tools.

Limit on-site access and visibility

A number of people may have access to a work site, whether it's contractors, sub-contractors, building owners or even members of the public. It won't always be possible to have your tools hidden away, but you should limit access to the site and store away equipment in a secure location once the working day is over.

Inventory and mark tools

Drawing up an inventory and etching serial numbers into your tools will help you keep track of your equipment. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to prevent criminals from stealing them, but it could help the police identify your tools if they are sold to local pawn shops or dealers.

Alarms and other security measures

Whether you keep your tools in a shed, in your vehicle or where you work, an alarm system can be an excellent deterrent for thieves. These can be expensive, so there are other options, such as fake alarms, a safe box or sophisticated locks.

Visual deterrents

Leaving your tools on-site can be fine if there is a security guard on the premises. But what can you do if you keep your tools at home? Some people like to join or start a neighbourhood watch group, while others invest in security lighting, motion sensors or even a dog!

Author: Murray Bruce