20th March, 2014

Canberra coffee shop fire leads to evacuation

A fire at a coffee shop in Canberra has resulted in a number of nearby businesses being evacuated for safety reasons.

The coffee-roasting machine at Two Before Ten in Canberra House caught alight yesterday evening (March 19), The Canberra Times reports. An employee initially tried to tackle the blaze with a fire extinguisher but was unsuccessful.

Emergency services were called at 7:05pm and ACT fire crews arrived shortly after and put out the flames. Staff and patrons from several businesses, including a Subway next door, were escorted away from the premises.

Three pumpers, the Bronto Skylift Hydraulic Platform and a commander from the fire brigade all attended the scene to ensure the fire was extinguished effectively.

The incident highlights the importance of having comprehensive cafe insurance to protect against accidents and other unforeseen circumstances.

A fire could potentially damage machinery, stock and the building, as well as endangering employees and customers. Therefore, it is vital to ensure you are fully covered against all possibilities or you could lose out financially.

There are a number of different cafe insurance products available, including public liability, employer's liability, stock protection, breakdown of equipment and employee fraud.

Luckily, the Canberra coffee shop fire did not result in anyone being hurt. The fire brigade confirmed there were no injuries, although the flames did cause superficial structural damage.

According to the Canberra Times, the Emergency Services Agency confirmed evacuations had been carried out due to "extensive smoke" permeating the building complex.

"We're now just doing smoke ventilation to get rid of the smoke and doing atmospheric testing on the surrounding shops," Commander Todd Bourne said.

He added that smoke damage was evident at Two Before Ten, as well as surrounding businesses.

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Author: Murray Bruce