26th May, 2014

New tracking software to streamline building sites

A new technology which promise to revolutionise the management of construction sites has been awarded in this month’s Entrepreneur and Innovator Awards, sponsored by WAtoday.com.au.

The winner of the Curtin Growth Entrepreneur Award this year was the Kashif Saleem, CEO of Saleem Technologies.

Saleem Technologies provides a material tracking system called ‘Track’em’  for businesses in the construction, mining and oil and gas industries.

The technology offers a way to track project materials, from their initial production to their transporting and storage on site. A system of barcodes allows each item to be tracked automatically and the software can even provide 3D models of the items needed for a project, identifying which parts are on site and which are still being delivered.

These new technologies will be a welcome opportunity for site managers to have timely information provided on the status of their construction materials without having to chase up multiple suppliers. This will save site managers time and money, especially on larger projects with many different components.

This isn’t the first time that Saleem Technologies has been recognised as an innovative Australian business. The company also received major funding from the Australian Government’s Commercialising Emerging Technologies program, which provided funding for promising new business ventures.

With innovations in the construction sector being recognised nationally, the future looks bright for Australia’s building industry.

New technologies highlight the need for construction insurance

While innovative software will streamline site management, tradies still need to be insured against the threats posed by a building site. Theft and damage to construction materials are still risks for site managers, even with new tracking technologies.

Comprehensive construction insurance can ensure that if materials do go missing, replacements can be ordered quickly and without holding up project deadlines. This protection allows managers to make the most of the new opportunities provided by tracking technologies.

Author: Murray Bruce