20th May, 2014

Planning to open a cafe in Perth?

If you are thinking about trading in your standard nine to five job to open a cafe in Perth, congratulations! Small businesses account for 78 per cent of the accommodation and food sector in Western Australia alone, and many people love the rewards of being their own boss.

Starting your own business is an exciting time, and you are sure to love the flexibility and creativity that comes along with the process of opening a cafe in Perth. After all, coffee is practically Australia's national beverage and stopping for a flat white or a latte on the way to work or before a leisurely Saturday morning stroll is part of our culture.

But before you get swept up imagining how sweet life will be preparing coffees and serving up pastries, it is also important to pay close attention to the practicalities of opening your own cafe.

For example, there are a number of industry requirements you will need to fulfill in order to operate a food service business. You may need to apply for a license to serve food, and if you plan to serve alcohol in your establishment, you will need separate permissions for this.

As a cafe, you will also need to comply with food safety regulations, and additional permits may be required if you also intend to offer outdoor seating.

Of course, there is also the matter of business insurance to attend to, as cover can be crucial in the event of an unexpected storm, fire or flood.

Fortunately, coffee shop and cafe insurance can help you cover all the bases. Look for comprehensive cover that includes building insurance, employer's liability, public liability, stock insurance, employee fraud, public liability and cover for equipment breakdown.

With the right research and a level head, you'll be ready to open your Perth cafe in no time!

Author: Murray Bruce