4th August, 2014

What insurance threats do plumbers face?

Every tradie will face a unique set of challenges. The issues that arise for electricians will be very different to those faced by welders, for example.

However, there is one area which faces a set of obstacles unlike any other – plumbers. 

So what specific issues do plumbers face in their daily jobs and how can they be protected against? Here are three things to keep in mind.

Good tools are (almost) irreplaceable

Every tradie needs the right tools to get their work done smoothly and without incident. Regardless of whether you are working on construction projects or home renovations, plumbers will always be at risk from tool theft.

Not only can missing tools be costly to replace, they can also throw your timelines out the window, creating problems for both you and your client.

You aren't the only one at risk on site

Plumbing can be hazardous work – slips can easily occur during your work, along with any number of other injuries. While plumbers will be familiar with these challenges and able to navigate them safely, the same cannot be said for those around you. 

Whether it's your clients or a member of the public who happens to live or work nearby, your project could easily harm another person in the vicinity.

Fortunately, both your tools and public liability can both be insured against, significantly reducing the risks to you if problems arise while you are working on site.

Subcontracting may not cover you

If you are plumber you will often be working as a subcontractor, fulfilling the plumbing part of a larger project. While it can be tempting to think that any problems which arise will be handled by the main contractor, often this isn't the case.

As a result, it is important that every subcontractor, no matter which industry they work in, has insurance cover which will protect their work.

Author: Murray Bruce