4th August, 2014

Why do cafes need public liability insurance?

Certain industries and businesses have specific needs which must be taken into account when you open your doors in a unique industry

Cafes are one of these, with a cafe owner facing a number of different risks during their day-to-day management. Whether it is the risk of fires or malfunctioning machinery, cafe insurance comes with its own range of unique problems.

One of the most central insurance issues which cafe owners will face is the question of public liability. Catering to members of the public is the cornerstone of any successful cafe, although this also raises a range of different challenges which companies will need to address.

When dealing with the public, liability insurance is likely to be your only option.

One of the main things that liability insurance will protect you against is the risk of serious falls. Spilled drinks and cups are a permanent hazard, especially in a busy environment or while you are training new staff. Unfortunately, these spills are also a serious risk to the public.

Speaking of spilled cups, shards of porcelain or glass on the ground are a big hazard for customers. While most incidents can be solved by getting out the first aid kit, there is still the possibility that more serious injuries will cost your company.

Another important aspect of public liability is the cover it offers to other businesses around you. Unfortunately, injuries won't be limited to customers, with delivery staff and other regular visitors all sitting in harm's way. 

If you operate near another business or within a shared area, there is also the risk that your business will inflict damage on other companies nearby. Fortunately, any harm which occurs as a result of your operations can likely be protected against if you have the right insurance policies. 

For any cafe owner, getting the right public liability policy is essential. Without it, you will leave your business open to a whole range of potential harms.

Author: Murray Bruce