6th February, 2015

Why do painters need to be insured?

Although their job may not be perceived as dangerous as some other trades, painters do encounter their fair share of risks in their everyday work. The absence of excessively heavy or specialist machinery does not preclude painters from a range of common threats that tradies face.

As such, it is essential that painters – whether they work for an employer or run their own business – take out the appropriate trades insurance. The best type of cover is that which is tailored to the specific trade at hand, and therefore in this case, painters insurance is an invaluable investment.

Here are the main types of risks that painters insurance can provide cover for.

Personal accident

Any major painting project comes with its risks. Even for a small property, the need to work at heights for extended periods exposes painters to a certain degree of danger.

Falling from height continues to be one of the leading causes of workplace injury in Australia. In addition to adopting safe work measures such as securing ladders, having painters insurance will ensure you can limit the financial costs and stress related to these injuries.

Public liability

It’s not just yourself that you have to look after in your work as a painter. Third parties such as subcontractors and the general public in the vicinity of your workspace can be injured as a result of your work – potentially placing you in financial distress.

Choosing a painters insurance policy that includes public liability will give you the assistance you need should such an event arise.

Property damage

Lastly, even the most experienced painters are prone to making the odd mistake in the course of their work. A major paint spillage or any other damage to the property being worked on can incur heavy costs.

With painters insurance, you can rest assured that you’ll have the funds ready to cover necessary repairs.

Author: Murray Bruce