4th March, 2015

Susan White

When Susan White’s designer home suffered significant water damage recently, she was able to call on the assistance of her insurance provider, Chubb – whom she had engaged through the recommendation of Bruce Insurance.

Susan was faced with a tricky situation when the kitchen in her property was hit with irretrievable damage to the solid timber flooring due to a water issue. At the time the property was rented out.

To complicate things further, Susan was currently in the process of selling her home, meaning such an incident really had the potential to disrupt her plans. So how did Chubb and Bruce Insurance assist Susan in this complex situation?

Susan cites the determination, attention to detail and dedication to customer service that both Chubb and Bruce Insurance demonstrated. Chubb completely understood Susan’s unique needs – as her property is a designer home, they recognised the importance of quality and were adamant that it should be repaired to a high standard consistent with how the property was typically maintained and had been presented to the potential buyer.

Susan is highly appreciative of the consistency and reliability of Bruce Insurance’s service during her dealings with the firm over the past twenty years. She feels it is an advantage to use a broker to purchase insurance products and recognises the knowledgeable advice that can be offered.

Moreover, during her recent claims experience she appreciated the efforts of both Bruce Insurance and Chubb staff, who followed up regularly with her to ensure she was happy. She found the claims handlers accessible, attentive and committed to rectifying any issues that arose.

Author: Murray Bruce