20th April, 2016

Why you need an insurance broker….Because we care!

Insurance brokers represent you and your interests and will go into bat for you when circumstances require. Insurance is complicated, policies can be up to 100 pages long and as much as we would like them to be, things are not always black or white. Each insurance company will interpret their policy differently and have different approaches to paying out claims leaving many shades of grey in an already complicated product.

This is why it is essential to have someone to represent your interests, someone that can assist you to navigate through the insurance system to obtain the best outcome for you. A good insurance broker will have many years of experience in understanding those 100 page insurance documents, and how to achieve the best outcome for their client.

A perfect recent example of this was our Account Manager, Denise Cummins who recently received no less than a bottle of Moet from a very pleased client. Denise’s client runs a cartage business in Perth who recently had not at fault accident which put their main truck off the road and essentially them out of business whilst the truck was repaired.

Denise was able to assist the client to make a claim for loss of business earnings against the other drivers insurance policy. It can be a complicated process in substantiating loss of earnings and in getting the other drivers insurer to pay. This was daunting for our client but with Denise’s support and persistent professional approach a payment was soon made for the interruption to our clients business. Fantastic result for our client and great reward for Denise’s hard work, just hope she will share at our Friday drinks.

Author: Murray Bruce