29th November, 2016

We have a range of travel insurance products

Travel InsuranceTravel insurance is quite a simple product so you would wonder why it is has such a high level of disputed claims and seems to be over represented on ‘A current affair’. I would suggest in many of these cases the people involved didn’t consider what they were actually covered for and certainly didn’t read the policy.

Most of us are too busy to spend time reading insurance policies and will base our purchase decision on the price and perhaps even relying on a free policy issued by a credit card provider. If you are going to do this make sure you at least ask the provider some simple questions before you leave home such as:

  • Will it cover pre-existing medical conditions (the most common cause of disputed claims)
  • What limits apply?
  • Will it cover any hazardous activities you will be undertaking?
  • Will it cover acts of terrorism?
  • Will it cover all locations and forms of transport you will take?

We have access to a range of travel insurance products catering for different business and personal needs. Please contact your account manager to discuss your individual needs.

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Author: Murray Bruce