30th November, 2017

Why Should I use an Insurance Broker?

How much can a broker save me?

An insurance broker can save you everything. Everything???
You risk losing everything if the insurance you buy doesn’t end up doing what you hoped it would.
An insurance broker can help you avoid potentially making a very expensive mistake.

Insurance brokers make sure you don’t pay too much for insurance by obtaining multiple quotes for a policy that is custom fitted for your needs. They will be your go to person for all insurance related problems and will fight on your behalf to maximize your claims settlement. The value that insurance brokers add is significant but unfortunately this is often not seen until it is time to make a claim. Read some of our Google reviews to see what our clients are saying about the value we add for them.

Negotiating Power

We belong to the largest insurance broker network in Australia ‘Steadfast’ whose members manage over 2.3 million insurance policies. This gives us serious clout with insurers and we have access to literally hundreds of insurers and underwriting agencies both in Australia and overseas. Many of these insurers don’t deal direct with the public but even the ones that do will mostly offer a basic one size fits all version for direct sales. As an insurance broker we can make sure you don’t pay too much for a policy that fits your needs and will usually provide substantially more cover than direct market or online policies.

One Insurance Contact

Your broker is your contact for all insurance and risk related problems. Whether it is customizing your insurance to maximise your protection, explaining your policy document, recommending ways to reduce risk so that you rely less on insurance or helping you navigate complicated contract issues your broker is there to help you manage and protect against risk. Your broker will access many other resources to assist on your insurance and claims, but you will always have just one person to connect with.

Your Personal Claims Advocate

As your insurance broker we act on your behalf not the insurer’s (a subtle but important point). We have a powerful network that assists us to get our clients claims settled effectively. Insurers will try to deal with claims as cost effectively as possible, at the end of the day they are a business looking to maintain profit like any other. However this shouldn’t come at your expense and good insurance brokers are expert in navigating the claims process and avoiding pitfalls that can delay and reduce your final payout.

Insurance is complicated but a good broker will simplify insurance for you. Let us take the stress out of insurance and save you valuable time.


Article written by Murray Bruce, Bruce Insurance, Managing Director

Author: Murray Bruce