30th August, 2022

Case Study: Living life in spite of a hardship

If having a regular income is a vital part of your life, you’ll want to read this.

We have a dental client, now aged 48, who we insured for income protection in 2016.  In 2018 they were diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the wrists, which meant performing the duties of a dentist could be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of the patients.

A slip of a tool or drill due to the lack of dexterity and strength in the wrists might cause irreparable damage to someone’s tooth, or even cause a wound to the tongue, cheek, or lips.

We lodged a claim with the insurer and after the assessments, required waiting period, and doctor’s signoffs, the client is now receiving the benefits of the claim, and providing a medical report every three months is all they need to do.

Their benefit will continue to be paid until they turn 65 at which time superannuation may be accessed.

Knowing they have the income needed to pay bills and sustain their lifestyle completely eliminates the stress of not knowing where the next lot of income is coming from. Ultimate peace of mind is the ideal outcome from their investment.

Income Protection sits at the very top of our priority list for anyone that relies on a regular income to support their family and lifestyle.

Correctly implemented, it will make a world of difference in the event of a temporary or permanent disability. It will ensure you’ll continue to live the best life possible with minimal financial disruption.

Is income protection something you’ve been thinking about, but unsure where to start? Our client services team would love to help. Give them a call on 08 9382 5600 or email enquiry@bruce.com.au

Author: Chris Earle