20th December, 2022

Case Study: Property Water Damage

Why you need an expert on your side when it comes to claims.

In November last year one of our dental clients, Tassie Smiles Dental, lodged a water damage claim with us. It was quoted and assessed close to Christmas which is when they close for their end of year break. They wanted to decide over the break whether they were going to take a cash settlement or use the insurer’s builder to do the repairs.

After they reopened in 2022 our office followed up the claim with the  assessor to see how things were progressing. Once our team got clear on the details, they were able to determine the steps that needed to be taken. This is what ensued:

-Obtained a cash settlement figure from the insurer

-The offer was presented to our client

-We were advised there was further damage to be quoted

-The builders attended to re-quote for additional damage

-Our team met with the insurer to discuss timeframes since its lodgement and quoting for additional damage

-A revised settlement offer was then obtained

-Our client obtained a second opinion from a local builder to confirm the insurer builder’s costs

-The revised settlement offer was provided to our client, which they accepted

Because our team took the extra time and diligence to follow up on the claim, our client received a larger settlement than they’d expected, which also covered all the damage. Additionally, they were able to conduct business as usual throughout the entire process. While this particular claim went on for longer than normal, the benefit of having us there to act on our client’s behalf made a huge difference to the financial outcome.

Here’s what they had to say:

“After a long battle, Sharon and Laetitia from Dental Essentials have secured us a win! It literally took them months of back and forth with the insurance company to secure us a fair and decent settlement. I am so grateful for all they’ve done and their commitment to their clients. This is how an insurance broker should be—fighting for clients while we get on with running our practice. Thanks again ladies. Your assistance is truly appreciated!”


Whatever the nature of your claim, our team is exceptionally skilled and efficient in making the process fast and easy for you. Give them a call on 08 9382 5600 or email enquiry@bruce.com.au.


Author: Sharon and Laetitia from Dental Essentials