20th December, 2022

A heroic achievement

Guess who completed Hawaii’s 2022 Ironman event?

If you’ve ever had a long-term personal goal, you’ll find inspiration from this story.

Murray Bruce, our managing director, achieved exactly that earlier this year when he finally got to compete in the Ironman World Championship triathlon event in Kona, Hawaii. For 20 years Murray has competed in various triathlons and always had a vision to race in Kona, the ultimate test of all Ironman triathletes. The race terrain travels through over 200+ kilometres of hot and humid lava fields.


Murray qualified for Kona by dedicating the time and training over the past five years. He secured his place by finishing 2nd in his age category at the Busselton Ironman last year.

This year’s event was the first since 2019, with over 5,000 participants. A week prior to the event, Murray contracted COVID and spent that week trying to recover enough to compete. On the morning of the race he was cleared to go! Despite the less-than-ideal lead-up to the event, he finished the race, pushing through bouts of dizziness and cramping, before pressing on again.

Guess who completed Hawaii’s 2022 Ironman event?

Aside from fulfilling on a long-term personal goal in the face of adversity, soaking up the atmosphere of a well-established, international championship in a stunning location made it an unforgettable highlight for Murray and his family, who were there to see him cross the finish line.

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Author: Your Bruce Insurance Team