17th July, 2023

Why workers compensation insurance needs to come with great support


  • Every business with employees in Australia is required to hold workers compensation insurance.
  • In most cases, workers compensation claims run smoothly. Except when they don’t.
  • A drawn out and complicated claims process is stressful and time consuming for business owners. It can also negatively impact your claims history.
  • Having a claims specialist dedicated to navigating workers comp claims will help your employees get back to work faster and maintain harmony in the workplace.
  • This is why we partner with Work Health Options (WHO): a team of specialists who support business owners with successfully handling workers compensation claims.
  • Here’s more on what they do and how they can support you.

Work Health Options – your workers comp experts

Who is WHO?

WHO is an Australian company that delivers professional advice to companies, sole traders, partnerships and individuals who need support with navigating the complexities of workers compensation insurance.

We partner with WHO to ensure our clients receive comprehensive and practical advice if and when they need to deal with a workers compensation claim. We have found their tailored support delivers excellent outcomes for our clients.

How do WHO help?

WHO is backed by 25 years of experience in the workers compensation sector. They use this knowledge to help our clients manage their workers compensation claims, including support with early intervention strategies and co-ordinating the return to work of employees.

Every client who holds workers compensation insurance with us receives up to 10 hours of consulting with WHO. This ensures our clients get the practical support they need to successfully handle the workers compensation process.

The support they deliver includes:

  • Managing claims to ensure the injured employee receives effective injury management and support in a safe and efficient way.
  • Connecting employees with their extensive GP and independent specialist networks, who deliver pro-active support and injury management.
  • Conducting regular reviews with the employer, injured employee and legal and medical providers to ensure clear communication and momentum is maintained.
  • Identifying how the employee is progressing in relation to the goals set out in their Return to Work
  • Ongoing screening to assess the employee’s suitability for specific services relating to the claim.
  • Reviewing liabilities and auditing relevant payments according to the Workers Compensation Act in your state.
  • Consulting on all facets relating to workers compensation in Australia, including policy requirements, risk identification and risk minimisation.

Why having the right support matters

Having a workers compensation expert handle your claim ensures the entire process runs smoothly. They also have the skills to balance best practice with legislative requirements, which means employers know the process is being handled in the most effective way possible.

WHO ensures injured employees have the support they need to return to work safely and efficiently. They’re able to provide comprehensive injury management that complies with Return to Work plans, and liaise with medical professionals, legal experts and other stakeholders.

Do I need workers compensation?

If you’re an Australian business that employs people, then you are required to hold workers compensation. Businesses who fail to meet these obligations can be faced with large penalties, which can cost in the hundreds of thousands. This kind of fine can seriously impact a business’ reputation, not to mention the lives of employees who are injured on the job.

Workers compensation claims are more common than maybe people realise in Australia. Incidents happen every day in the workplace, and employees become sick as a result of the work they engage in. This is why having a comprehensive workers compensation insurance policy is essential to any operation.

Not only will you get the support you need during the claims process, but your workplace will be a more harmonious place for you and your employees.

Need workers compensation insurance? 

We take the time to find the right workers compensation insurance for your operation, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation. And we make sure you have the support and practical advice to deal with any workers compensation claims that may arise.

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Author: Bruce Insurance