27th February, 2014

Protecting your site from weather damage

Australia is home to some of the most extreme weather patterns in the world. With floods, fires and seasonal storms to compete with, thousands of businesses in Australia face loss-causing natural disasters every year.

For tradesmen working in Western Australia, the risk of weather damage can be even greater. Due to the exposed nature of construction sites and building arrangements, the materials and tools are often vulnerable to rain, wind and other weather events.

It is therefore important to have measures in place to reduce the impact of extreme weather on your building projects. These arrangements should include evacuation plans, pre-storm preparations and other weather policies.

However, due to the unpredictable nature of extreme weather events, it can difficult to enact these emergency plans when facing floods, fires or other unexpected incidents that cause damage. This is why it is important to ensure your project is adequately covered by insurance in the event damage or loss occurs.

Reducing the recovery time after a weather event is crucial for minimising the financial impact on your business and clients. A simple way to ensure you can get your project back on track quickly and efficiently is by taking out a comprehensive construction insurance package.

Construction insurance is designed to protect the materials, tools and work site against loss or damage caused by fire, theft, accidents or weather events that occur during the building phase. This means that when a loss-causing incident does take place, you can repair or replace the essential equipment and materials needed to complete the project.

If you would like more information on a policy to protect your construction site from weather events, contact the Trade Insurance team today.

Trade Insurance can offer construction insurance that is tailored to suit the needs and requirements of your building sites and projects to help you ensure you have the right cover when you need it.

Author: Murray Bruce