27th February, 2014

Tool protection off the work site

When you own all your own tools, it is not uncommon to store them in your vehicle and carry them home at the end of every work day. Tradesmen often believe this practice is safer than keeping their essential equipment at the worksite overnight.

However, if you are not following anti-theft best practices around your home, you risk heading out to your car in the morning only to find your important tools are missing.

Fortunately, there are a number of simple methods you can use to protect you tools from opportunistic thieves around the home.

Park in the garage

If you have a garage at your home, use it. A vehicle loaded with tools and equipment is likely to attract unwanted attention if parked on the street. By parking out of sight, you’ll completely avoid the opportunist looking for an easy grab while walking around your neighbourhood.

Remove the tools at night

If your property doesn’t have a garage or locked gate, you may want to consider unloading the equipment each day. An empty van or truck is less likely to become a target among thieves.

Install an alarm

Installing a car alarm will draw attention to your vehicle if anybody attempts to tamper with it, which should discourage thieves from hauling away too many of your tools.

In fact, even the blinking light that signals a car holds an alarm should be enough to deter theft, as the thieves know once the alarm starts going off, someone is likely to check on the car or call the police.


Even when you follow all the best practices, theft can still occur and the loss of your essential tools can put you out of business for a short while.

To get back on your feet quickly and efficiently, consider adding theft cover to your tradesmen insurance policy. However, not all tradies insurance is made equal, so it is important to check whether your tools are still protected off premises.

For more information on tools of trade insurance, contact the Trades Insurance team today.

Author: Murray Bruce