16th August, 2016

New Product – Home, Motor and Landlords Insurance via Steadfast Direct

Steadfast Direct is basically insurance brokers fighting back! When I started in the industry several decades ago (just quietly!) insurance brokers were a significant provider of home and motor insurance to their clients. This has slowly changed as insurers realised they could make more money by offering a cheap product direct to customers and other groups have also joined the party with banks, super markets, internet insurers and even Australia post now offering home and motor insurance.

Steadfast Direct is a new offering  from Australia’s largest network of over 270 insurance brokers . The Steadfast Direct home and motor products were launched 12 months ago and in the first year have placed $41 million in new home and motor insurance policies which as a comparison is faster growth than experienced by Coles Insurance, Youi and Budget Direct in their first 12 months of business.

Steadfast Direct provides very competitive premiums, superior cover and the benefit of having your insurance broker assist you when things go wrong. The insurance is underwritten by Australia’s largest insurer, Insurance Australia Group,

The latest product offer from Steadfast Direct is Landlords Insurance. Premiums are extremely competitive but still offering a higher level of protection for a rental property.

Some Key benefits:

  • Accidental Loss or Damage policy
  • Cover included for malicious and intentional damage including where caused by a tenant.
  • Cover available for loss of rent, tenants defaulting on rent and legal costs involved in evicting a tenant.

Please contact us if you would like to compare Steadfast Direct to your existing home, motor or landlord policy.


Article written by Murray Bruce, Bruce Insurance, Managing Director

Author: Murray Bruce