2nd August, 2018

Welcome to our new staff

2018 has so far shown to be a year of changes at Bruce Insurance. We have seen staff have exciting personal news – there’s been new houses, babies, and holidays.

We love to be able to hear and be apart of the personal growth of our staff, but it does also mean changes within our team structures.

While we are sad to see some old faces leave us, but are always so excited about meeting and having someone new join the ranks.

And recently we have had two new faces join us…

We welcome Tina and Nino to the team.


Tina joined the Trades Insurance team in an Account manager role. Tina brings with her an unmatched enthusiasm and excitement. She has had 5 years’ experience in the insurance industry with 2 of those being in trade specific arena.


Nino joined the Bruce Insurance team in a Broker Assistant role as a trainee. Bruce Insurance is Nino’s first experience in the insurance industry. He brings with him such an enthusiasm to learn and a willingness to put his hand up for any task. He has a promising future in the industry and we are glad we are able to start this journey with him.



We have asked both Tina and Nino a couple of get to know you questions.


What is your favourite thing about working in insurance?   

TINA:     I really enjoy meeting and talking to new people. Every work day is different and I am constantly learning something new.

NINO:   I like the continuous variations of problems that we encounter and the work involved in solving them.


What is your favourite thing to do when you’re not working?

TINA:     You can usually find me at the gym! In the summer I love going to the beach and discovering new hiking trails around Perth.

NINO:   I love playing sport. If I’m not at work or at Uni, I’ll most likely be out playing sport, whether it be touch rugby, tennis or the odd round of golf.


Name one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t done yet?

TINA:     It’s a dream of mine to go swimming with Blue Whales.

NINO:   I’ve always wanted to complete the Rottnest Channel Swim.


Please join us in welcoming Tina and Nino to our team.

Author: Murray Bruce