2nd August, 2018

Wrestle-mania at Bruce Insurance

End of financial year. What can we say? It is always such a busy time of year!

For us it means many client and insurer deadlines, often all due at the same time, and late nights.

But this year it also meant wrestle-mania arriving at Bruce Insurance!

To recognise the hard work of our staff throughout the year we like to get together to enjoy each other’s company away from the office and the desks, and to share in some team building moments.

So this year we decided we would get up close and personal and release some of the stress while wrestling wearing sumo suits! Wrestle-mania had well and truly arrived before the day even arrived. There were challenges and threats, promises of taking others down, in the lead up to the big day.

How did we fare? See for yourself below.





Almost everyone gave it a go. The favourite colleague to challenge was of course the Managing Director, Murray Bruce! Everyone had a great time. We all enjoyed having a laugh – at everyone else’s expense.

Wrestling was followed up with a somewhat calmer activity of dinner at Hamptons in City Beach.

Thank you to all of our clients, for your continued support and trust. We value your commitment to us and pride ourselves on the great service we can provide in return.

Author: Murray Bruce