2nd August, 2018

Business Class Travel Without the Expense

Here’s a great employee benefit that you can offer your staff that won’t cost your business a cent.Travel Insurance

Business Class Travel Insurance is available exclusively for your staff.

This Business Class cover would be paid for by your staff, but it can only be accessed through you. Business Class Travel Insurance through TravelCard provides you and your staff with a corporate level insurance policy normally only available to big businesses. All of TravelCard’s normal benefits apply such as claims paid in real time to your travel card whilst you are travelling, but with corporate level limits and protection such as no medical assessments for any pre-existing medical conditions before you travel.

So what’s so good about no pre-existing medical conditions or medical assessment. This is an area that causes many travel insurance disputes and declined claims. Standard travel insurance policies do not automatically cover you for any medical condition that you have had previously. You need to advise the insurer of the condition and request them to include cover for it which they may or may not do. Business Class travel removes this problem all together by providing cover for all pre-existing conditions.

Business Class travel provides higher limits of cover than a standard policy which will be greatly appreciated if the worst does happen. Winter sports and adventure sports are automatically covered too. If you need to claim 24 hour phone support is provided anywhere in the world and funds can be transferred to you instantly on your personally issued travel card.

In a cut throat business world anything you can do for your staff will help you keep ahead of the pack. Business class Travel Insurance allows your business to ensure your staff are well protected when travelling for leisure or business. The best part is that it won’t cost your business a cent, but it is a benefit your staff can only access through you.

TravelCard will soon be the way Travel Insurance is done in this country. Simple, innovative and protecting you when you need it most. Have a business class Travel Insurance discussion with us to get you and your team protected.

Article written by Murray Bruce, Managing Director

Author: Murray Bruce